A Brand New Blog

Powered by Hugo, GitHub and Travis CI

After the demise of Posterous in 2013, I moved my blog to Tumblr and mostly forgot about it. I didn’t feel like investing time and energy in yet another platform that could be acquired and shut down. Also, Tumblr never felt right for what I wanted to do.

The past few years I have been playing with static site generators like Nikola. I liked their ideas and simplicity. A while ago I found the best static site generator I’d ever seen. It is Hugo and it makes generating simple personal and corporate sites a breeze.

So, here we are. I have moved all the content from my old blog to drafts in the new blog. Posts that are still interesting will be updated and republished. The first one is already up. The Tumblr blog will be deleted. Out with the old, in with the new.

This blog is now powered by Hugo, GitHub and Travis CI and hosted at TransIP. The theme I started with is a slightly modified Beautiful Hugo. I’m planning a how-to article explaning how to connect Hugo, GitHub and Travis, since I had a few minor hiccups until it worked the way I wanted it to work.