The Wake: 1997-2017

Retiring a 20 year old website

In 1997 I started a website to learn HTML. It felt like I was kind of late to the party. Mosaic had already come and gone. Internet Explorer was the next big thing. I remember thinking about a subject for my website. I was an avid reader of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman comics, and since these were quite popular online, I decided to make that my subject. The site went through some design iterations and internet addresses, before finding a permanent address: dyve. [Read More]

A Brand New Blog

Powered by Hugo, GitHub and Travis CI

After the demise of Posterous in 2013, I moved my blog to Tumblr and mostly forgot about it. I didn’t feel like investing time and energy in yet another platform that could be acquired and shut down. Also, Tumblr never felt right for what I wanted to do. The past few years I have been playing with static site generators like Nikola. I liked their ideas and simplicity. A while ago I found the best static site generator I’d ever seen. [Read More]

ModelAdmin for a custom Django User model

Automatically generate a section for extra fields

Django offers a customized User model. One of the preferred approaches to a custom User is to extend AbstractUser. When doing this there is a nice trick to get all the fields you add to AbstractUser in a separate section in the admin interface. The method is to scan the parent for known fields, and add the fields that do not exist in the parent to a separate section. A full example is in the code below. [Read More]

Supermoon, March 20 2011

A picture of the supermoon we enjoyed in The Netherlands today. I used a Nikon P5000 compact camera mounted on a Leica APO 77 Televid spotting scope. The scope is mean for birdwatching, but it’s not bad for an occasional look at the skies. The scope was set to 20x magnification, camera’s optical zoom varies per shot, as does shutter time and other settings (I tried to capture both the details of the moon’s surface as well as the stunning brightness of the supermoon, so I experimented). [Read More]

Hex Color Picker

Hex Color Picker allows you to edit and view hexadecimal color codes in the standard Mac OS X color panel. [Read More]

A brief history of jQuery autocomplete

Early 2005, I wrote what appears to be the first ever jQuery autocompleter. Several people used it, modified it, fixed bugs, made it better. Notably Dan G. Switzer. Jörn Zaffaerer (who I met last year and is a very nice guy) did a complete rewrite, which depends on other jQuery plugins, and has a lot of added functionality. When I needed some modifications, I took Dan’s version of my original and did some slight modifications of my own. [Read More]

Kicking off

August 1 I will be switching jobs. This will mean that I am once more (among other things) a professional programmer. This time around the tools of the trade will be PHP, MySQL and JavaScript (with more than a touch of jQuery). Also, I’ll be switching from Windows to Mac OS X (actually, I’m typing this entry on my brand new MacBook Pro). I thought this would be a good time to convert this site to a live blog once more. [Read More]